This is 5 Crew Dynasty, one of the youngest breaking crews to come out of New York.  The crew first came into being in 2005 by twins, Julian Pacheco and GC Salazar who, wanting to uphold the five elements of hip hop; Breaking, MCing, DJing, Graffiti, and Knowledge, chose the name that they represent to this day.  With a promising new name to uphold, the crew began training rigorously and with strong dynamics and a natural affinity for unique routines, the crew won numerous international breaking jams together such as Kids of New York , EBPLIn the Heights IIRock Steady 34th Anniversary, and others.     

When I ran into them a couple months ago in October 2015, 5CD was gearing up for the Silverback Open Championships 2015, sponsored by the UDEF Pro Breaking Tour.  Putting on a formidable showing, the crew made it into the Top 32 despite strong opposition by many of the world's best breaking crews.  5CD later showed me their historic session spot at the Astoria Park in Queens, NY where I was treated to the initiation of a new crew member, 14-year old Teyo.  Having been trained by Miguel "Gravity" Rosario for the occasion, Teyo lasted through a stunning forty-seven rounds alone against the entire crew.  Following his recent success, Teyo participated in his first 1v1 battle as a 5CD member at Evolution 2015, which was organized by the crew and Bboyworld.    

5CD's recent project has been the 5 CREW DYNASTY HEADQUARTERS, a training center that seeks to build athletes within the art form of breaking.  The purpose of the training center is to teach the skills integral to being part of the breaking culture and the growing breaking industry and by doing so, 5CD hopes to help the dance reach the next stage of its development in order to bring universal recognition and respect to the art form.  Feel free to check out their website at www.5cdhq.com for more information or if you'd wish to help donate to their project.